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2007-06-25 - 3:32 p.m.

June - Late (late is key)

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The more I hear about this New Transformers movie - the more I like it.

Now - I'll say this. I'm really pleased they are staying away from the Tranformers in the trailors. Because obviosuly the focus of the movie will be on the Giant Robots.

But more than that - I think even the purest Transformers Fan will admit that Megatron turning into a tiny gun was a stupid idea.

No one bought it - they rarely used it in the cartoon at all.

So replacing Megatron with the actor who is doing his voice (great call) and the fact that he's being redone - is another great call.

I hate Micheal Bay. Jon Voight is the kiss of death. I'm hoping two wrongs make a right.

I'm kinda pumped to see Transformers.

Onto TV

Soporoes Ending - It was great, and Blue Comet was even better. To be honest with you I feel the Dr. Melphi/Tony thing would have satisfied me for the ending. And I loved what they did with AJ.

Lost - Best show? Yes. The ending was like "Oh yeah - this is why this show is the best show since Mash in Space."

But honestly - Mash in Space would stink.

The Office -- Great ending - and great season. I felt bad for Pam all year - but worse for Jim. Jim was in a really hard spot and blew it - and wasn't able to figure out what was right until too late - or is it?

And I've been gone for a bit - but I'm not dead.

But I've got a bucket full of half finished entires. We'll see what we can cook up from time to time.

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