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2007-04-25 - 1:33 p.m.

April 2007

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April is a busy month.

Now donít get me wrong I like it, but itís a hectic month.

At the same time itís a time for new beginnings and a time to refresh and renew. Its also when I started this diary and also the time when I was born.

Its also when the Red Sox start playing every year, and in addition the beginning of spring.

There isnít a lot that isnít hopeful about April. Itís the month I think that a lot of people refocus and get back on track. More so than even January is, and at least in Massachusetts.

January is the month when you start to hunker down and grit out the winter. Spring is the reward. Every year spring is completely different. I know that winter will be cold and snowy. I know summer will be hot and sweaty. Fall, probably our most consistent month, will be warm with a cool crisp breeze as the leave start to rattle and the days get shorter. Iíve loved Fall for its ďharvestĒ quality with the feeling you get the returns on what youíve invested that year.

But spring is different every single year. I like that. Itís a nice change, and Iíve always loved the seasons changing because you really get a sense of time passing.

Anyway, for those that still read, and anyone who stumble through, thanks. This diary is now more mine than it ever has been. But itís nice to know you are still there.

The thing Iíve learned is to stick with things. Often times I feel we give up on things too quickly and there is a lot to be said for persistence. Its not the sexiest of the virtues, if it even is a virtue, but its certainly done me well.

What Iím trying to say is life is chalk full of regrets and I think these eat up people, and sometimes they eat me up, but if you miss something Ė never be afraid to go back to it, or keep with it.

Friendships, hobbies, exercise, blogs. Whatever it might be.

I know Iím rambling but I felt it would be a shame for my not to commemorate April in some fashion.

Happy spring everyone.

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